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Our Mission

At Inner Clay, our mission is to capture the unspoken spiritual connection to nature through clay. Our goal extends beyond teaching pottery; we are dedicated to guiding individuals on a journey of self-expression with clay, fostering a local community, and hosting meditative and one-of-a-kind events. Here, we're not just making pottery - we're building a community, inspiring creativity, and making a difference.


I am Shawn Shawhin (which means hawk in Farsi). I have been creating pottery for 15 years now, but my connection to art and patterns traces back to my childhood spent playing around in my granddad's Persian carpet shop. In my early 20s, while earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts, I uncovered the transformative power of clay.
I deeply value nature and the moments of pause and silence it brings within our busy lives. The desert particularly captivates my curiosity. Two elements profoundly shape my artistic voice: the crispness of Persian carpet motifs, with their organic free lines and surfaces, and the evocative feeling of hidden treasures and colors in the Joshua Tree, accompanied by its serene silence. Exploring these influences unveils a myriad of textures and emotions—both literally and figuratively. In my work, you'll find traces of 'the artist's hand,' marking the history of its creation. Some pieces reveal unexpected elements, offering glimpses into untold stories of the desert.